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February 21st 2011
Cool Culottes
I am particularly excited about all of the culottes I’m seeing for spring.  Cool culottes in all sorts of colors!
The great thing about culottes is all of the options for tops that you have.  You could pair these shorts with a structured blouse or blazer, an airy silk top, or a cotton t shirt for casual day events.  Be sure to play around with colors and prints. 
From top left (clockwise)Free People ($80)Naven ($140)Alice & Olivia ($198)Friend of Mine ($175) 
All available on

Cool Culottes

I am particularly excited about all of the culottes I’m seeing for spring.  Cool culottes in all sorts of colors!

The great thing about culottes is all of the options for tops that you have.  You could pair these shorts with a structured blouse or blazer, an airy silk top, or a cotton t shirt for casual day events.  Be sure to play around with colors and prints. 

From top left (clockwise)
Free People ($80)
Naven ($140)
Alice & Olivia ($198)
Friend of Mine ($175) 

All available on

February 22nd 2011

Shirt Style

It seems that the structured silk blouse is everywhere right now and for good reason. This wardrobe staple can be worn with just about everything - over jeans, tucked in or out, with shorts, a skirt, to work, to the bar.  It will go everywhere you go.  It is a piece you can throw on to look instantly put together.  Accessorize this with a brightly colored scarf for extra polish.  

Top:  Madewell, Epaulet Blouse $110
Bottom, Left to Right: MiH, Safari Blouse $194, (Madewell again), Equipment, Classic Blouse $180

Available on, and

March 30th 2011

An experiment in “renting”

This weekend was full of fun things for a good friend of mine from high school…a bridal shower and bachelorette party all in one day.  Since my weekends (i.e. outfits) have been pretty lame ever since my CFA studying started, I was really looking forward to dressing up.  For the bridal shower, I went with the new Kate Spade Lora dress that I got last week and paired it with orchid pink tights from American Apparel to add a little spark to the black and white print.   I loved it.  I was really surprised with how thick the tights were and the color was truly a matte pink.

The bachelorette party outfit turned out to be more dramatic than I intended.  I ordered a Loeffler Randall dress I’ve had my eye on all season off of Swirl last week and the top was too big on me.  It can be tailored but by the time it arrived, I didn’t have much time for a pit stop and the gamble of whether it would work out.  So I decided to try out Rent The Runway as both an experiment for future reference and for Pretty Polished!  I found an adorable Milly navy bow waist dress for $50 (a four day rental) that I thought would be perfect.  You can pick two sizes for each dress that you pick (in case you are in between which I tend to be) and if you order two dresses (as I did because I was nervous), the cheaper of the two can be yours for four days for $25.  RTR delivered my four dresses to my doorstep in a garment bag for me to keep with some fashion tape to help with any issues.  The Milly dress was perfect; the dress was clean, no rips or tears and had I not told anyone, there would be no way one could tell that I was not the real owner.  RTR customer service is great too; I have received an email each day reminding me to mail my dresses back in the enclosed paid-for envelope.  I just dropped it off in a mailbox and I am good to go.  All in all, the party was a lot of fun, the outfit looked perfect and so nice to know that Rent The Runway is a perfect option for when you can’t spend $300 on a new dress!


April 05th 2011

WH’s April Jewelry Post

We are going to start posting some of our favorite jewelry pieces at the beginning of each month and I thought my first one should focus on the bright colors that are happening this season.  I love how if you aren’t feeling a bright purple top or kelly green pants, you can still transfer the trend onto your ears, necks, bracelets and wrists pretty easily.  I want to steal my mom’s amazing gold chain necklace interspersed with bright multicolor stones that she wears long or does a double wrap but for now I’ll settle on one of these:

1.        Trina Turk Enamel Brick Bangle – $98

The turquoise, pink, white and cobalt blue options all remind me of Palm Beach winters and the black is a sophisticated touch. 

Available at Bloomingdales


2.        Kate Spade Dot to Dot Studs - $45

Another great way to bring the brights into the workplace without being inappropriately loud, these studs come in bright yellow or pink (I prefer the pink). 

Available at Kate Spade

3.       Swarovski Night Time Long Pierced Earrings -  $165

 I love how these fade from dark to light and how perfect they’d look with a navy top with a plunging neckline or a black halter dress…whatever you so choose. 

Available at Swarovski

4.  Juliet & Company Bonbon Necklace - $60

The price of this necklace is just as exciting as the bright turquoise.  What a great way to dress up the boring crisp white button down I’m currently wearing…

Available at Shopbop

5.  Kenneth Jay Lane Jade Bead Necklace - $297

This necklace is way out of my price range but I love the statement that it makes.  The bright green would bring a lot of color to basic black and the size of the beads makes this the only piece you’ll need for a night out!

Available at Shopbop


6.        Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Plated Ring - $70

While not with the color trend, I always think it’s important to own a simple gold ring but one that actually makes a statement.  Kenneth Jay Lane always has something I’m interested!

Available at Net-A-Porter


April 05th 2011

Favorite Find - Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vara Clutch

While shopping for an amazing make-up gift (this cute cosmetic case will last forever - Ferragamo Cosmetic Case) as I need to “make up” to a bride whose wedding I am sadly missing, I came across a bag that is making it onto my birthday list immediately.  The Ferragamo Miss Vara clutch is adorable and defines the term “lady-like”.  The detachable gold chain shoulder strap makes this bag truly versatile while the bow acts as a clasp closure.  This bag is adorable and perfect for any cocktail event. 8”W x 5”H x 2”D with a 7.5” drop.

PrettyPolished Girly Tip:  Anytime you are ordering a bag online, take a piece of paper and recreate the measurements to get a better idea of how the bag will fall on your shoulder.


Available at Ferragamo stores, Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales



April 06th 2011

Wednesday Sales!

A quick “run” through the new sales of three of PP’s favorite stores, Saks, Neimans, & Cusp, this morning resulted in the following highlights (hopefully it’s all still there!):

1.  Tory Burch Edie Naplak Flat - $119 (was $195)

These basic patent flats (sans the huge logo in the front) are available in tan, gray and black.  Cute for your commute to/from work or anytime you want a neutral flat.

Available at Cusp

2.  Rebecca Taylor Simple Tie Waist Shirt Dress - $234 (was $350)

We highlighted this dress in one of our first Pretty Polished posts but we also added on that we hated the price tag.  Still a bit expensive but more manageable and a great

Available at Neiman Marcus and Saks

3.  Diane Von Furstenberg Brisa Wrap Dress - $195 (was $325)

Anytime a wrap dress goes on sale, grab it immediately!  We love the bright and bold stripes on this one.  The colored tights are a bit much with the print but we’re imagining this with a bare leg for summer.  Steal this while it’s still around!

Available at Cusp

4.  Milly Audrey Mock Neck Top - $123 (was $185)

WH owns this lightweight sweater and wears it non stop to work.  With a pencil skirt, this is cut in such a flattering way that just lays against your curves.  Add a cardigan for when you’re cold or go without for spring/fall, a basic black sweater top can never go wrong.

Available at Neiman Marcus or Cusp (for $111)

5.  Tibi Raindrop Print Shiftdress - $178 (was $298)

The Tibi silk shift dress is a classic from their collections and this one is no different.  This can be paired with tights and boots for winter or bare legged for summer. This print is so fun and we love all of the colors!

Available at Cusp

6.  Tibi One Shoulder Blouson Dress - $250 (was $385)

The original price of thi one made it a dealbreaker but this bright green summer fun party dress’ hemline is flattering to the leg; this dress would be perfect for a night out.

Available at Cusp

7.  Vince Checkerboard Sweater - $157 (was $237)

Back when I was living in cold Chicago, I took full advantage of end of winter sales to buy these comfy Vince sweaters. I love them and there is nothing softer or more comfy than leggings paired with one of these.  This also comes in gray (available at Cusp or Neimans)

Blue available at Neiman Marcus

8.  DVF Boxie Shorts - $78 (were $185)

If you can pull off these shorts, they are too freaking cute. We love the bold stripes (the vertical will help slim the leg) but paired with a black blousy top and heels, these are a fantastic addition to your going out collection.

Available at Saks

9.  Milly Danielle Ruffle Dress - $269 (was $385)

I’ve had my eye on this for a while simply because of the ruffle neck of this dress; wear your hair up in a poofy bun for quite the statement.  The belt helps define your waist and the navy is perfect.  This also comes in coral for those of you lucky enough to have a tan!

Available at Saks

10.  Juicy Couture Printed Shift Dress - $109 (was $158)

An affordable way to get in on the ikat trend. We love how easy this dress is.  Throw it on with a skinny black basic belt (a stretchy one would be nice) and some black strappy sandals and you’re good to go.  We all need one of these in our closets.

Available at Saks

11. Jay Godfrey Rope Belted Jersey Dress - $144 (was $240)

Another simple and easy dress for wherever you need to go. We hate the belt that it comes with but that’s not a reason to dismiss this basic navy piece as you can substitute a number of different color and style belts with this dress.  The jersey looks super comfy and if you’re not a fan of the way pockets lay on dresses like this (which I am not) simply take it to a tailor and ask them to sew them up for you.  Flat sandals for day or heels for night…this can take you from both in a pinch.

Available at Saks 

12.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Parker Twill Coat- $394 (was $698)

Google Analytics tells us we have readers tuning in from Alaska, so this sale find is for you! I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs coats…I have a version of this coat from a few seasons ago and I am obsessed with my hot pink MJ trench coat that I wear to death come spring. The ribbed sweater bottom part of the sleeve keeps your hands snow-free and it is super warm!

Available at Neiman Marcus


April 07th 2011

Bottoms Up - A Smattering of Skirts

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep so as I was thumbing through Lucky Magazine, I saw this green tulip scalloped hem skirt and fell in love. I love the kelly green but this also comes in cream and robin’s egg blue (perfect for Easter). Lauren Moffatt’s entire spring collection is absolutely darling and I love the garden theme.

Available at Lauren Moffatt

 I figured I’d highlight a few skirts I’ve seen since I’m a fan of anything that doesn’t involve pants.


1. JCrew Revele Skirt -$148

I saw this in the JCrew catalog this week; the pleating detail isn’t too cheerleader-esque and the neutral shade with the detailing will go well with black silk and heels (maybe a cobalt pump for a pop of color?) for a night out.

Available at JCrew

2. Trina Turk Shaye Skirt - $248

This pleated longer skirt is right on point with the ladylike trend that’s out there. I love how Nordstroms paired this neutral shade with the amazing brightly colored print and cardigan shown here:

Available at Nordstrom or Trina Turk (in black as well)

3. Tibi Rain drop skirt - $245

You can wear this with a navy top or any of the colors in this print. It’s the same print as the raindrop shift we posted on our sales post yesterday (a little bit different coloring but you get the gist) but we love it.  Tibi styled it with heavy gray leggings proving that this skirt can be worn throughout all four seasons.

Available at Cusp or Tibi

4. Topshop Yellow Belted Paperbag waist skirt - $70

Paperbag waists are one of my favorites. They are really flattering and look so great just paired with a simple t shirt. Switch out the cheap-ey looking belt for one of our own and you’re good to go.

Available at Topshop (other colors as well!)



5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Indigo Knit Skirt - $128

This one is inspired by this awesome Carven skirt (available at Barneys for $395 which I just can’t justify).  I am not a big fan of denim skirts after the age of 22 but this is a more sophisticated denim for those of us starting to worry about fine lines.

Available at Bloomingdales


6. Aqua lace mini skirt - $78

A basic black lace skirt is not a bad thing to have in your collection especially for less than $80.

Available at  Bloomingdales


April 11th 2011

Pretty Polished Perfumes

My best friend TR asked if LW and I could post our favorite perfumes and I struggled with this one as I wouldn’t consider myself a connoisseur (I’m quite sensitive to smells and hate a lot of perfumes out there) but there are a few that I find appealing.  I am also very bad at describing what scents smell like unless it blatantly is called vanilla so forgive me. As a side note, I am very against wearing perfume to work as I think it’s distracting (and can give your coworkers headaches if they aren’t into it) but then again, I work with mostly men in a pretty conservative job so I try not to draw attention to the fact that I wear a bra and they don’t when I don’t have to.

1.  Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - $65

This would be my number one scent for the past five years.  I constantly get asked what I’m wearing and it always makes me feel confident.  I’m sort of obsessed and the bottle seems to last forever.

Available at department stores and Sephora

2.  Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb - $75

The musky scent is quickly replacing Coco Mademoiselle as my go-to favorite.  I feel sexy in this.  End of story.

Sephora has an exclusive rollerball version of the scent (perfect for travel, keeping at your boyfriend’s house or for trial) and Nordstrom sells an exclusive tutu packaging version that is perfect for the counter of any girly girl.

3.  Dior Miss Dior Cherie - $60

This is a much sweeter scent than the two muskier ones above but it is lovely.  I always like this one on other people but sometimes get overwhelmed with more than one spritz on myself.  I love the bow packaging and it’s a good option for going out to dinner with your girlfriends.

Available at department stores and Sephora

4.  Ralph by Ralph Lauren - $30

This used to be what I wore everyday in college and the other day someone had it on and it reminded me of how appealing the scent was and how it’s such a great option during the day.  Just a light and airy classic option that I like to have.  

Available at department stores and Sephora

5.  CLEAN - Shower Fresh - $38

This scent is exactly as it is titled: perfectly clean and crisp.  I like it a lot on days that I don’t want to smell super strong but want to add a little something to the day.  Sephora sells mini versions of the CLEAN line for $10 including the shower fresh scent as well as other light scents that are candidates for the upcoming sunny season ahead.  

The entire CLEAN line is something i would try, especially the dry shampoo and hand cream.  I’m tempted to buy the deodorant since I hate smelling like a baby’s bottom.  I’ll keep you posted!

Available at Sephora


April 15th 2011

Henri Bendel Friends and Family - 20% off everything!

Starting Friday April 15th - Monday April 18th, get 20% off of all of your purchases online (with code FRIENDSFAMILY2) or in store.  Spend your tax refund on some purses or amazing hair accessories if you can get to the store!  Enjoy!

April 19th 2011

WH’s favorite dresses

1.  Tracy Reese Frock! Bailey - $198

A decent price for a really pretty silk dress.  The wrap tulip skirt detail is a flattering look and the Belt this right at the waist with a bright patent belt or even a cognac color if you’re so inclined.  What a perfect dress for a summer wedding!

Available at Tracy Reese


2.  Milly Cutaway Shift - $335

The back detailing of this dress is what I love (I’m not sure why it’s styled with such a heavy necklace and belt…I think the Ikat print and cutaway back speak for themselves and don’t need any more help!).  The fabric is thick enough for those of us that have trouble going backless (i.e. braless) that we can all try LW’s Nu Bra.

Available at Milly

3.  Spring -Ready Dress - $98

A simple navy faux wrap dress with cute sleeves and a sweet satin sash, this is an easy choice for work, play (day or night) and just about anything.

Available at Anthropologie

4.  Alice and Olivia Alexandra Belted Dress - $198

Unclear on why this dress is at this price point and not the typical $300+ A&O normally charges, but I love the black and white stripes going in two different directions.  The red belt is a cute contrast but I’d wear a black or neutral color pump instead of red (One of my mom’s besties once told me that colored shoes are for hookers and while I don’t necessarily agree, I still can’t forget it.)  Some bangles would look good but don’t overdo your jewelry with this bold print.

Available at Neiman Marcus

5.  Tangerine Sleeveless Tuck Detail Dress - $95

The pleating detail is great on this dress and so is the color.  THis also comes in a couple of other more neutral shades but the bright tangerine is great for those of you with actual color in your skintone.  I just love the cut of this entire dress; the slim skirt is flattering and the top offers ample coverage of the armpit region.  This dress is also cut perfectly to accomodate a belt (bright blue would be quite complementary).  This could work for any sort of shower, brunch or work.

Available at Topshop


6.  Silence and Noise Architectural Dress - $69 

I tried to highlight some dresses that are under $100 this week and I saw this adorable one on Refinery 29.  The print is fun and the open back is a sexy take on what would otherwise be a more conservative look for Urban Outfitters.

Available at Urban Outfitters

7.  Carven Wrap Back Dress - $425

My favorite dress thus far this month, of course it is the most expensive.  Carven’s line of simply crepe or silk dresses is stunning and this one always grabs my eye.  I have no idea where they get the nerve to charge $425 for such a simple design but I love the back (the typical wrap detail is on the backside of the dress, not the front which makes me wonder if it is reversible.)  The navy color is rich and I picture myself wearing my Ferragamo chalk pumps with a ton of gold jewelry (gold chain and perhaps hot pink studs).

Available at Barneys

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