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February 21st 2011
Cool Culottes
I am particularly excited about all of the culottes I’m seeing for spring.  Cool culottes in all sorts of colors!
The great thing about culottes is all of the options for tops that you have.  You could pair these shorts with a structured blouse or blazer, an airy silk top, or a cotton t shirt for casual day events.  Be sure to play around with colors and prints. 
From top left (clockwise)Free People ($80)Naven ($140)Alice & Olivia ($198)Friend of Mine ($175) 
All available on

Cool Culottes

I am particularly excited about all of the culottes I’m seeing for spring.  Cool culottes in all sorts of colors!

The great thing about culottes is all of the options for tops that you have.  You could pair these shorts with a structured blouse or blazer, an airy silk top, or a cotton t shirt for casual day events.  Be sure to play around with colors and prints. 

From top left (clockwise)
Free People ($80)
Naven ($140)
Alice & Olivia ($198)
Friend of Mine ($175) 

All available on

March 04th 2011

Let the spring shopping binge begin…

It’s about that time of year where we begin building our wardrobes for the next big season.  I have jump started this occasion by trying on everything I like and picking and choosing the best pieces.  Here is favorite #1:

Alice and Olivia
Smocked Waist Play Shorts

These shorts and their playful colors could make even the gloomiest of days, happy!

Fit Guide:  These shorts run true to size.  I always go up a size in shorts so I got a M, but pretty certain a S would have been just fine.

I envision myself wearing these with the “perfect chambray shirt” from Madewell ($68).

- LW

March 19th 2011

Yellow Shorts

My good friend, LJ, and I got to talking (last night) about what she would pair with these awesome yellow shorts from Dallin Chase if she purchases them.  Given my love for coordinating outfits, I couldn’t resist shopping around for the perfect complements.

There are a few things that I am thinking about these shorts:

1) The lace design is beautiful and you should show as much of it as possible so something that sits right at the top of the shorts or can be tucked in is probably best.

2) Their lovely yellow color is the perfect way to play around with the bright color blocking that we are seeing so much of for spring.  Spin that color wheel…

3) I’m going to guess that these shorts are little and fitted…a blousey top is best

Blue, purple, and pink are across from yellow… 

Here are some pairing suggestions:

DVF Issie Top
$245 (Wait for Friends and Family for this one!)

Equipment Signature Blouse in Coral or Indigo

I dont even want to list the price on these (okay, $208) but the material and construction put into each Equipment blouse has made this a fan favorite.  You would get your money’s worth on these. 

Rebecca Taylor Punched Camisole
Yumi Kim - Myla Top


Yumi Kim 

Annie Top


I think the DVF Issie Top gets my vote as best for a dressed up look with the shorts!  Throw on some neutral shoes and you are good to go.


Tucker Tank

April 06th 2011

Wednesday Sales!

A quick “run” through the new sales of three of PP’s favorite stores, Saks, Neimans, & Cusp, this morning resulted in the following highlights (hopefully it’s all still there!):

1.  Tory Burch Edie Naplak Flat - $119 (was $195)

These basic patent flats (sans the huge logo in the front) are available in tan, gray and black.  Cute for your commute to/from work or anytime you want a neutral flat.

Available at Cusp

2.  Rebecca Taylor Simple Tie Waist Shirt Dress - $234 (was $350)

We highlighted this dress in one of our first Pretty Polished posts but we also added on that we hated the price tag.  Still a bit expensive but more manageable and a great

Available at Neiman Marcus and Saks

3.  Diane Von Furstenberg Brisa Wrap Dress - $195 (was $325)

Anytime a wrap dress goes on sale, grab it immediately!  We love the bright and bold stripes on this one.  The colored tights are a bit much with the print but we’re imagining this with a bare leg for summer.  Steal this while it’s still around!

Available at Cusp

4.  Milly Audrey Mock Neck Top - $123 (was $185)

WH owns this lightweight sweater and wears it non stop to work.  With a pencil skirt, this is cut in such a flattering way that just lays against your curves.  Add a cardigan for when you’re cold or go without for spring/fall, a basic black sweater top can never go wrong.

Available at Neiman Marcus or Cusp (for $111)

5.  Tibi Raindrop Print Shiftdress - $178 (was $298)

The Tibi silk shift dress is a classic from their collections and this one is no different.  This can be paired with tights and boots for winter or bare legged for summer. This print is so fun and we love all of the colors!

Available at Cusp

6.  Tibi One Shoulder Blouson Dress - $250 (was $385)

The original price of thi one made it a dealbreaker but this bright green summer fun party dress’ hemline is flattering to the leg; this dress would be perfect for a night out.

Available at Cusp

7.  Vince Checkerboard Sweater - $157 (was $237)

Back when I was living in cold Chicago, I took full advantage of end of winter sales to buy these comfy Vince sweaters. I love them and there is nothing softer or more comfy than leggings paired with one of these.  This also comes in gray (available at Cusp or Neimans)

Blue available at Neiman Marcus

8.  DVF Boxie Shorts - $78 (were $185)

If you can pull off these shorts, they are too freaking cute. We love the bold stripes (the vertical will help slim the leg) but paired with a black blousy top and heels, these are a fantastic addition to your going out collection.

Available at Saks

9.  Milly Danielle Ruffle Dress - $269 (was $385)

I’ve had my eye on this for a while simply because of the ruffle neck of this dress; wear your hair up in a poofy bun for quite the statement.  The belt helps define your waist and the navy is perfect.  This also comes in coral for those of you lucky enough to have a tan!

Available at Saks

10.  Juicy Couture Printed Shift Dress - $109 (was $158)

An affordable way to get in on the ikat trend. We love how easy this dress is.  Throw it on with a skinny black basic belt (a stretchy one would be nice) and some black strappy sandals and you’re good to go.  We all need one of these in our closets.

Available at Saks

11. Jay Godfrey Rope Belted Jersey Dress - $144 (was $240)

Another simple and easy dress for wherever you need to go. We hate the belt that it comes with but that’s not a reason to dismiss this basic navy piece as you can substitute a number of different color and style belts with this dress.  The jersey looks super comfy and if you’re not a fan of the way pockets lay on dresses like this (which I am not) simply take it to a tailor and ask them to sew them up for you.  Flat sandals for day or heels for night…this can take you from both in a pinch.

Available at Saks 

12.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Parker Twill Coat- $394 (was $698)

Google Analytics tells us we have readers tuning in from Alaska, so this sale find is for you! I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs coats…I have a version of this coat from a few seasons ago and I am obsessed with my hot pink MJ trench coat that I wear to death come spring. The ribbed sweater bottom part of the sleeve keeps your hands snow-free and it is super warm!

Available at Neiman Marcus


May 25th 2011

What to Wear Where: Wine Tour


As my good friends know, I have a penchant for organizing debaucherous outings to the vineyards of Virginia (idea courtesy of WH in fact!).  Its a wonder I am even allowed in the Commonwealth of VA anymore, let alone permitted to take advantage of its resources such as employment/school.  It truly is a wonderful world and VA is a state full of forgiveness.  The next such occasion is June 4.  To that end, Wine Tour-ing requires the most perfect outfit planning.  

A few things to consider:

1) PArTy BuS:  This means jumping, dancing, screaming, drink pouring/spilling.  One giant mess full of close quarters, drunken merriment and my boyfriend’s love of drenching himself in drinks -  wherein, I usually fall somewhere in the “splash zone” - falling, stumbling, & a desire to avoid potential flash dancing

2)  Lots of photos:  Inevitably we take 100s of pictures, thus the outfit must be cute.  

3) Its probably gonna be hot:  DC in June

4) Countryside:  Outfit needs to blend with the landscape

Behold my medley of outfit inspirations:

Equipment Daddy Floral Print Blouse
Net-A-Porter & Shopbop

I love, love, love this print and I know this blouse is something I would wear time and time again.  It would look so cute paired with some short shorts.  One drawback: major potential for destruction of the expensive blouse.

Since it’s a bad idea to wear a dress, that introduces the concept of wearing shorts, a romper, or pants…(although pants might be too hot!) 


State & Lake Trench Shorts

McQ Alexander McQueen Cross Tab Shorts
On sale for $168 @ Shopbop


Mara Hoffman Tap Shorts

DVF Foldee Shorts
These are just about sold out, but oh so cute!  Available in Indigo as well.

Each of these shorts are so cute but each has major potential for returning tie-dyed from the bus shenanigans.  That may not stop me from wearing them.


Ash Lucy X Band Wedge
On Sale for $157 @ Shopbop


DVF Flynn Crisscross Clog
On Sale for $205 @ Saks

Wine Touring & Party Busing requires a sturdy shoe - I love both of these options.  They feel a little country but at the same time are super cute.  The wedge is particularly great if your wine expedition leads you to a grassy field.  (It happens). 

Levi’s Chambray Playsuit
I am looking for something more colorful but the chambray is still summer-y and the romper is a very practical option. This could easily be brightened up with accessories.


Halston Heritage Playsuit

This has been the frontrunner all along. I just love, love it.   This is definitely something I’d wear consistently throughout the summer.

Dallin Chase Fieldstone Romper

Another chambray option - I think this is so cute.  If it’s lightweight, this would be a great option for the day & the price is a little better than the Halston.  Plus chambray can hold up to the stains I’ll be throwing its way.


DVF Sarong Pants
I’ve been obsessed with these pants for far too long.  I don’t know that they’re wine tour appropriate but I could force them to be… maybe? maybe?  

Tibi Istanbul Shorts
This print is so cool.   With the right top, this would be a top pick.

May 26th 2011

Request Line: Gray Shorts


I have a question for you! I have a pair of silk gray shorts and am wondering what type of shirts would be best to wear with them? Suggestions? Thanks so much!

Those silk gray shorts sound amazing.  Depending on what shade of gray, and whether they have pockets, are flat front, pleated etc., here are some options I’ve seen for spring and summer.  The great thing about your shorts is how versatile they are.  I imagine you could wear them during the day or out - shorts are fab for that very reason & I would love to know where yours came from.  I just might need a pair! PS I apologize for the over abundance of options.  



My go to pairing for shorts and pants these days comes from Equipment - I just love their blouses.  The prints and fabrics are of such high quality, (expensive it’s true) but I wear my Equipment pieces over and over again.  An unstructured, structured blouse (as  I like to think of them) looks nice with shorts of just about any shape or fabric.  These blouses also look awesome with khaki/natural colored shorts, colored shorts, and jeans.  There is a lot you can do with them - they go from the office to out to weekend casual. 

Daddy Floral Print Blouse
$260 (long sleeve)
$158 (short sleeve)
Like I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE this print and I think it would look awesome with gray shorts.  The print has a vintage vibe which is so on point for the 70s look we’re seeing everywhere.  

Equipment Signature Blouse - Short Sleeve
This hot pink would add pop to the gray shorts for some color blocking action.  I love the vibrant hues of the Equipment pieces.  

Equipment Signature Blouse - Long Sleeve
This comes in a ton of colors; but it could look really cool to use a light colored blouse such as light blue/lilac or even white (depending on the shade of gray) for a minimalist, tonal look.  I’m not sure what type of silk your shorts are, but hopefully the silk is different enough to contrast slightly with the silk of the blouse. 

Parker Ruffle Wrap Top

The colors in this tank pick up shades of gray - since it has a skirt, you could tuck it in, or if the shorts are relatively flat, this would look cute out and over them. This also comes in a dark purple which would be cute with a light gray. 

Tibi Racer Back Camisole
This is sold out on in the orange on Shopbop in most sizes, but I’ve seen it on Revolve and too! Silk on silk with this tank would look really cool.  The hot pink and purple are brand new as of today - LOVE them.

Tibi Istanbul Tank
I love this tank with gray - I think it would look awesome.  In fact I want this outfit now!   This tank would look particularly nice with shorts with any kind of detail on them - cuffs, pockets etc. 

Rebecca Taylor Firefly Cami

This would look great with a slate gray - tucked in for night, out for day.   It’s on sale in strawberry for $171.

 If you opt for one of the camisoles, it would be cute to layer a blazer on top.  I love how blazers look with shorts and the shorts suit look is very “in” right now. 

Aqua Fitted Girlfriend Blazer
I actually have this blazer, so I can make the recommendation - it fits like a dream, and the striped lining is a cute detail.  I wore this with my floral A&) shorts and a cream top, super cute.


Rachel Roy Pocket Jacket
30% off @ Shopbop - $276
This color would look amazing with gray, you could pair a brightly colored top underneath or just wear white for a fun going out look.  This
Soft Joie Tank ($88) or the Rachel Roy (below) would look great under the jacket with gray shorts as would the Tibi Istanbul tank (above).  The speckles in the Instanbul Tank in particular would pick up the bright blue of the blazer.

Or this Rachel Roy layered blouse:

 We’ve been obsessing over this Rebecca Minkoff Becky coral jacket ever since it sold out on Shopbop in .2 seconds.  It’s gone everywhere but I’m willing to bet there will be another shipment.  We will keep everyone posted. 

BB Dakota Julie Print Tank
For a casual look, if the shorts are small, this tank would probably look cute! 

Another option for a casual day look - the Patterson J. Kincaid Harlow Sleeveless Blouse ($80)

I have the long sleeve version of this and I wore it at least once a week during the winter.

August 02nd 2011

I can’t stop wearing…

by Lauren

Earlier this summer I mentioned my love affair for a certain crochet knit Madewell sweater.  I am BACK to tell you why this is one of my top three favorite purchases for the summer.  

First of all - it goes with absolutely EVERYTHING.  I’ve worn it with pants, jeans, dresses, shorts… basically everything but a skirt (which I’m sure I will get to once it’s appropriate for me to leave my house in this garment yet again).  

  • Jeans:  I’ve worn this sweater with my Joe’s Best Friend jeans (pictured above).  It will look cute with my James skinny jeans (these are unreal by the way - my mom and sister both purchased after MP recommended them to me and I bought) &&&&& my Vince flared jeans too (on sale and SO slimming for your thigh)
  • Shorts:  I love pairing this sweater with fluttery silk shorts, like these from Alice & Olivia (below) - the structure of the sweater tempers the flare on the shorts nicely and the bold colors are of course perfect with the cream knit.

  • Dresses:  I also threw this bad boy on over a Parker dress when I spent a weekend gorging myself with food wasn’t feeling so great about baring a lot of skin. This looks nice over a simple silk camisole dress when you want a casual beachy look.  Just keep your natural body shape in mind when you combine these two pieces.

 Lastly - the crochet adds dimension to an outfit that would otherwise have something more predictable on top. This piece will take you into the fall & while the cream is sold out online, I think you could still call the Madewell store to have it located.  If that doesn’t suffice, we WILL be featuring more knitwear in the coming weeks.  

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